The Full Moon Set at Sunrise

an astrological novel by Grant Moore

During the novel -- set in Haight-Ashbury (San Francisco) during hippies hayday (late 1960s), the central character (and thus the reader) learns astrology, so the reader will learn signs, houses, aspects, transits -- concepts reinforced throughout.  It's a bit of an astrological suspense story, and even includes horoscopes with transits -- two in the story, others in the appendix. 

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The novel:

Who were the original hippies, and what was their mission?  Why, how, and when did the movement start, and end?  Legacy?  Answers in a colorful novel addressing all aspects of hippiedom, historically and culturally accurate, by an author who was a Haight-Ashbury hippie then.

An Aries activist who wouldn't take "no" for an answer.  A Taurus bull whose generous outlook strived to overcome his stubborn streak.  A Gemini student radical with both feet on the ground.  A talented Cancer stymied by lack of career choices for women.  A big-hearted Leo who rock-and-rolled his way to stardom.  A foxy Virgo health pioneer.  A beautiful Libra artist with excellent balance.  A Scorpio courageously forging her way into sexual no man's land.  A gregarious Sagittarius using astrology to steer his marijuana selling business, while trying to make sense of the spiritual universe.  A traditional Capricorn relying on methods that had proved their worth throughout the ages.  An aging Aquarius beatnik with many -- or no -- friends.  A Pisces poet who used astrology as a platform to express her clairvoyance.

Colorful characters – while  pushing for an end to an unjust war, for equality for women and blacks and gays, for healthier food, air, and water, for educational reform – interacting as they find themselves in the midst  of a spontaneous mind-blowing movement, which -- during the Vietnam War, black power, unprecedented sexual freedom, and the most tumultuous election in USA's history -- swelled, peaked, and died within a mere four years.

The novel is written in a form of simplified English with the power to ultimately enfranchise billions of people around the planet.