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Houses - Keywords

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1st Personal 個人的, self 自己, appearance 外觀 (“out ” + “observe”), temperament 性情
2nd Possessions 財產 cai2-chan3 (“money” + “products”), personal resources  個人的資源 zi1yuan2, personal finances 個人的經濟情況 (jing1-ji4 qing2-kuang4, economic situation),values 價直.
3rd Mentality 智力, expression (way of conveying) 表示 (“surface, exterior” + “to show, notify”), short trips 短的旅行, communication 溝通,siblings 手足 shou3-zu3 (“hands” + “feet”), neighbors 鄰居 lin2-ju1
4th Home 家,& environment 家環境, family 家人,old age 晚年, land 陸地 lu4-di4, parents 父母
5th Self-expression 自我表現, creativity 創造力 chuang4-zao4-li4, children 小孩,romance (love interest) 情事; speculation 推測 (making guesses) tui1-ce4 (“to push” + “to measure”), entertainment 娛樂
6th Service 服務,employment 雇用,health 建康 jian4-kang1,  food 食物, employees 雇員 gu4-yuan2 (“to employ” + “member”)
7th Others 別人, public 公眾, marriage 結婚 jie2-hun1, partnership 合夥 he2-huo3 (“to suit, agree with” + “a partner”), open enemies 認識的敵人
8th Taxes 稅, insurance 保險 bao3-xian3 (“maintain, protect” + “danger, risk”), others’ finances 別人的錢,others’ possessions別人的財產,death 死亡 si3-wang2, inheritance 繼丞 ji4-cheng2 (“to succeed, follow” + “an assistant officer”),sexual behavior 性行為 , regeneration 改造化 ?gai3-zao4-hua4
9th Abstract (not concrete) mind 抽象的腦力 chou1-xiang4 de0 nao3-li4 ; beliefs 相信 xiang1-xin4, dreams 夢, vision 遠見, long journeys 長的旅遊, philosophy 哲理 zhe2-li3 (“a wise person” + “reason, logic”; religion 宗教zong1-jiao4, faith (religious belief) 信仰 xin4-yang3 (“to trust, believe” + “to rely on”)
10th Reputation 名譽 ming2-yu4 (“name + “fame”), honor 榮譽 rong2-yu4 (“honor, glory; to flourish” + “fame”), profession專業 zhuan1-ye4, employer 雇主 gu4-zhu3, mother or father 父親或母親
11th Friends 朋友; hopes & wishes 希望, social groups 社會的團體 she4-hui4 de0 tuan2-ti3, community affairs社區事,political activities 政治活動
12th Solitude 荒僻 huang1-pi4, confinement 監禁 jian1-jin4 (“jail, prison” + “to forbid”) ?, hospitals 醫院 yi1-yuan4, institutions 社團 she4-tuan2, secret enemies 泌密的敵人 mi4-mi4 de0 d2-ren2, ripe destiny 成熟的命運 cheng2-shu2 de0 ming4-yun4,karma 因果 

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