Zodiac 星座   Planets 行星   Houses 住宅   Angles 角度

Zodiac Signs - Keywords

Aries   I am.  Asserting, Initiating.  Vitality; autonomy.  Emergence; individualization.  Prana:  to have a strong will and focused intention.
Taurus  I have.  Embodying, grounding.  Stability, sensuality.  Substantiation, possession.  Karma:  to work, survive, and thrive materially. 
Gemini  I think.  Thinking, learning, speaking.  Mobility, versatility.  Extension, communication, cognition.  Mantra:  to steady the mind.
Cancer I feel.  Feeling, caring, nurturing.  Sensitivity, safety.  Orientation, stabilization, emotion.  Mama: to be inwardly secure and serene. 
Leo  I will.  Enjoying, playing, performing.  Creativity.  Expression, externalization, recreation.  Ananda:  to be joyous and expressive.
Virgo  I analyze.  Analyzing, discerning, refining.  Purity, health.  Reflection, purification, discrimination.  Viveka:  to be healthy, discriminating, and pure.
Libra   I balance.  Loving, sharing.  Beauty, harmony.  Cooperation, appreciation.  Bhakti:  to be loving and open hearted.
Scorpio I desire.  Fighting, co-creating.  Sexuality, mortality, intensity.  Regeneration, aggression.  Shakti:  to be powerful.
Sagittarius  I see.  Traveling, believing.  Religion, morality.  Education, conceptualization, abstraction.  Jnana:  to be wise, knowledgeable, and certain of ones beliefs.
Capricorn I use.  Accomplishing, organizing.  Authority, responsibility.  Recognition, ambition.  Dharma: to be effective in the world and to fulfill ones essential life task.
Aquarius I know.  Discovering, rebelling.  Future, original, equality.  Collectivization, participation, innovation.  Sangha:  to be connected with others, and to share common goals and ideals.
Pisces  I believe.  Merging, dreaming, surrendering.  Generosity, spirituality, non-duality.  Universal, compassion, imagination.  Moksa:  to meditate and be liberated in consciousness of the universal spirit.


 Zodiac signs:  dates, elements, stability, ruler, image, body part.

(Indian approximate equivalents, in italics, thanks to Gregory Bogarts Astrology and Spiritual Awakening.)

  by Grant Moore  

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